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US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Radio Spectrum Auction Program

At Tradewinds our business is achieving the unexpected...

Case in Point the US Federal Communications Commission, or FCC. When the FCC decided to hold the largest public auction the Federal government had ever staged, they didn't select a Wall Street firm to do the job. They called Tradewinds International, because the FCC didn't have any time to waste. It was the Spring of 1994, leading experts had publicly stated "it is impossible for the FCC to expect to generate any revenue from the auction of licenses before FY 1996." Within three short months of being hired, using an electronic, simultaneous, multiple round format, Tradewinds, had designed, tested, and implemented the first two FCC auctions. That feat earned Tradewinds recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first company to auction over $1 billion.

By the end of 1999, Tradewinds had pulled in over $42 billion for the 18 auctions managed by Tradewinds on behalf of the FCC. By attracting, recruiting, and continually training talented experts, Tradewinds gets the job done right the first time. That's why Tradewinds excels.

With Tradewinds, the FCC also knew it was not just hiring another "Consultant". In fact it was hiring a team of professionals who not only could perform, but would go the extra mile to hire necessary subcontractors and third party consultants - over 30 subcontractors in all, to achieve the desired result, which was to get an auction program up and running from "Ground Zero".

No one believed such a stunning success could be delivered in such a short time. But at Tradewinds, there was never a doubt, because achieving the unexpected is what our business is all about.