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Financial Advisory & Asset Management Services

US Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
When the FCC decided to hold the largest public auction the Federal government had ever staged, they didn't select a Wall Street firm to do the job. They called Washington, DC based Tradewinds International. read more

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)/Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC)
Named by Black Enterprise Magazine as the RTC's Third Largest Minority owned Contractor, Tradewinds successfully managed the disposition of over $5 Billion in assets from defunct Savings and Loans in the Mid-Atlantic States. read more

US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
As Financial Advisor, Due Diligence Contractor and Asset Manager, Tradewinds has been assisting the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to sell over $3 Billion in non-performing Mortgages and streamline the asset sales process for multifamily properties. read more

US Small Business Administration (SBA)
Tradewinds' Managing Director, Jim Ladd, has been instrumental in the design of asset sales programs for HUD and most recently the design and implementation of the asset sales program for the US Small Business Administration (SBA), bringing in over $20 Billion in sales of non-performing small business loans since 1998. read more

Total Facilities and Property Management

MWAA - Washington National Airport
When Bill Cosby, Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, Fortune 500 CEOs, and members of the US Congress fly into Washington, D.C., they fly directly into the arms of Tradewinds International. Why? read more

American Geophysical Union (AGU) - Headquarters Building, Washington, DC
Since 1987, Tradewinds' Senior Professionals have been providing Real Estate Advisory and Property Management Services to Associations headquartered in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Located in downtown Washington, DC, The American Geophysical Union (AGU) is a case study in how to do property management right.

Real Estate Advisory & Public Private Partnership (P/PV) Management

NEWSEUM Headquarters - 555 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
When the Government of the District of Columbia needed professional advice on the redevelopment of its last significant parcel of land in downtown Washington, D.C., they didn't call any of the national real estate brokerage houses, they call Tradewinds.

METRO Station Joint Development (Huntington, VA & New Carrollton, MD)
"Smart Growth" is a common buzz word amongst political leaders and real estate professionals. In the greater Washington Metropolitan Region, Tradewinds International and its teaming partners are showing local governments how to do it - by example.

US Army, Hotel Thayer, West Point, NY
Now widely regarded as "The Model" for how to structure successful Public/Private Partnerships, in 1990, Tradewinds blazed new ground when it was hired by the US Army to "privatize" the management and redevelopment of the beloved historic Hotel Thayer on the campus of West Point.

Government of the District of Columbia - Washington, DC - Urban Redevelopment & Sale of Closed Public School Buildings
In 1990 and again in 1995, when the Government of the District of Columbia needed a team of professionals to untangle years of real estate "deals" gone awry, it did not call in a team of lawyers, or real estate brokers. It needed the job done quickly and thoroughly, so it called Tradewinds International and got much more than it expected.

Integrated Document Management Services

Asset Sales System - US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
When the US Department of Housing & Urban Development needed over five (5) million pages of non-performing loan documentation reviewed, compiled and converted to electronic format in 120 days, with 100% accuracy, it did not call on a Fortune 500 Systems Integrator, it called on Tradewinds International.

Conversion of Training Documents - US Army, Training Command (TRADOC)
When Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) needed a subcontractor with a reputation for delivering the highest quality services to supports its contract to convert ten (10) million pages of US Army training materials to electronic formats, it called someone it knew could get it done, Tradewinds International.

Conversion of Classified Materials - US Naval Surface Weapons Agency
With its various levels of security clearances, and reputation for getting things done, Tradewinds was a natural choice to assist the Naval Surface Weapons Agency in converting Top Secret materials to digital format.

Document Management Solution - US Department of Defense - Defense Printing Agency
When Xerox needed a teaming partner to assist in the implementation of the an integrated document management and digital production center for the Defense Printing Agency, it called Tradewinds International.