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William G. Kemmerer, III
Chief Technologist

Professional: William (Bill) G. Kemmerer, III is the Chief Technologist for Tradewinds International. Prior to Tradewinds, Mr. Kemmerer was the President/CEO of Quantum Labs. For over 15 years, Mr. Kemmerer has provided advanced software solutions to NASA, the US Army, the World Bank, and several corporations.

He has extensive experience throughout the software project lifecycle: marketing, proposal writing, managing, scheduling/costing, designing, coding, integrating, documenting, and acceptance testing. He specializes in scientific software solutions for control of complex custom hardware and for data acquisition and signal processing. Mr. Kemmerer has five years of experience using Labview in a Windows environment.

He has led software teams in developing custom real-time data acquisition and control systems for unmanned vehicle control and flight termination for NASA Dryden; space-bome relativistic electron acceleration for System Planning Corporation; missile command transmission for the White Sands Missile Test Range; radar calibration and diagnostics for measurement of B-2 and F-1 17 aircraft developed at Northrop and Lockheed Skunk Works; signal processing and real-time radar data analysis for British Aerospace.

Prior to Quantum Labs, Mr. Kemmerer was a Senior Programmer/Lead Engineer with Systems Planning Corporation. With Scientific Mr. Kemmerer managed scientific software development projects providing technical guidance, analysis and programming support. He designed an object-oriented data acquisition, processing, and display system under Windows 3.1 and developed a Neural Network Prototype for target identification for Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). Mr. Kemmerer was the lead engineer responsible for the real-time data collection and digital signal processing software for SPC's GPIB-based Mk III imaging radar system. He also designed and coded radar data processing and 3D plotting algorithms for SPC's CAESAR system. Mr. Kemmerer installed and administered a variety of LANs including Token Ring running Novell NetWare and Ethernet running Windows. He led an effort to interconnect all of SPC's personal computers, installing new networks and interconnecting many existing networks that used a variety of communications protocols and hardware types.

Education: B.S. Engineering - The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Other: Security Clearance - Top Secret