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Common Sense Approach; Common Understanding of Goals to Be Achieved; Common Off the Shelf Resources combined with Tradewinds' IT Leadership; Uncommon Results.

Since 1994, Tradewinds has provided its clients with the required technical, management, and production support for a broad range of Document Conversion and Document Management Support Services. Our Document Conversion processes are the most advanced available, and through a strategic teaming relationships we can scale up to fulfill any size requirement.

Our Services include the design, development and implementation of Document Management Systems, integration/indexing of digitized documents into the Document Management System and the creation of Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETMs).

Our digitization experience includes the conversion of Asset Sales (Due Diligence Materials) Operational and Technical Manuals, Catalogs, Administrative Documents, Training Manuals, Training Courseware, Photographs and Maps - All requiring 100% accuracy. We work with both bound and unbound documents, over sized documents up to E size, black and white and color.

The foundation for our solutions begins with asking questions, lots of questions. After we have a thorough understanding of our client's desires and goals and a comprehensive assessment of what is already in the resource pool, then we commence designing custom solutions based on open standards, and common "off-the-shelf" (COTS) products; i.e. custom solutions at commodity based pricing.

Tradewinds has great confidence in its established conversion programs and processes. Our confidence is based on our extensive past experience in successfully managing and directing technical teams and production efforts for the receipt of data in any media and providing conversion of any type of document. Our experience includes:

the management of over 5.0 million pages for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD),
the conversion of strategic training materials for the US Army Logistics Support Agency (LOGSA), and
the strategic design and implementation of high speed document conversion system for the US Defense Printing Agency (Defense Printing).

Technical Capabilities

Success Stories:
Asset Sales - US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
Conversion of Training Documents - US Army, Training Command (TRADOC)
Conversion of Classified Materials - US Naval Surface Weapons Agency
Document Management Solution - US Department of Defense - Defense Printing Agency